Spiritual Visits

Spiritual snaps from various travels.




Such a common sight in Vietnam, two to three people on a motorcycle –  though being stylish this photo didn’t really have much meaning to me – until I tried it myself. The hustle bustle of Hanoi in Vietnam doesn’t sound so zen, but I was able to absorb an atmosphere which alleviated fear and instead replace it with content.

Landmarks such as Buddhist Temples represent South East Asia’s religious society. Life style however also symbolises spirituality; expressing freedom and inner peace. This lady on the back of a motorcycle in what seems a busy/dangerous environment; personal liberation arising from the acceptance of life, respect for others and calm amidst congestion.


In Chang Mai Buddhist Temples were visited, out of all the religions probably the one I most resonate with. Interesting to learn that whilst worshipping it is respectful that soles of the feet must not be directed at the statue shrines.


In the North Thai village of Pai I made my way to a mountain  top Buddhist festival via moped. The last bit of journey could only be made up candle lit steps.



3. Cambodia


floating villages

Kampong Phluk, every monsoon season this village floods to become known as the ‘floating village’. Hence the tall ladders leading up to houses on stilts which accommodate for this. As I took a canoe tour through the forests the tree canopy’s settled  on the surface like hedgerow. Villagers rely on these wondrous waterways for survival, and sunset highlighted just how serene and special they really are.


The Ancient Angkor Watt temples in Siem Reap.

siem reap

siem reap 2

4. Australia

A vast and versatile landscape, I travelled from North to South down the East coast in six weeks. At Uluru National Park there was something quite eerie about being alone with the land in an orange desert. Especially because here I learnt about indigenous art and ‘Dream-time’ culture. Gaining  huge respect for how the aboriginals created such unique patterns, customs and philosophies  to navigate and understand life –  in surroundings that seemed so empty. Magical almost.


Flickering silhouettes of gigantic fruit bats decorated dusk one Autumn in Cairns, no need for Halloween decorations – spooky!



Whilst visiting the Rockies in Canada I learnt that each animal on a totem pole depicted different meanings to  the Native Americans, from wolves, to bears and eagles. To explore the majestic mountains myself,  to experience the ecosystem and wildlife opened my eyes as to why nature was and still is paid homage to.





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