The Rose Masterclass



©Rosie Purrier

A budding baker? New year, new craft? A tutorial on cake decoration at Victoria’s Kitchen is a great place to start, whether you are hoping to launch your own business or just feed your appetite for culinary creativity. Becoming an ice queen does not happen over night.  Attending a class was definitely worth it for  instruction and support on grasping technique, learning the correct ingredients, equipment and where to source them.  For example, prior to attending a decoration workshop I experimented with royal icing to attempt making flowers oblivious to the fact that the professional way is to use a special sugar paste icing. Shape cutters  are also very helpful and are sold at Victoria’s Kitchen.

Victoria’s cake classroom studio has been located in Mayford, Woking since January 2017, though a top student herself and award winner her business was founded years before. Hosting parties, private tuition and catering for events alongside teaching groups. Choose from 21 classes to attend, including cookie, cake and macaroon decoration.

Always having wanted to perfect an edible petal I decided to attend the ‘Rose Masterclass’ which taught two techniques. Firstly icing buttercream roses with a piping bag and flat nozzle, secondly crafting roses with sugar paste icing.

Victoria greeted students upon arrival and offered a choice of tea or prossecco, which were topped up throughout the class. Cookies were handed out to the peckish. Continuously encouraging and complimentary, Victoria appreciated the differing styles of each student’s work. One to one help was available when needed, whilst her colleague was busy mixing buttercream and maintaining a clear and spacious work top.  All equipment necessary was provided, including aprons, and six pre-baked cupcake canvases were given to each student.

A range of dye was offered for tutees to mix into their plain white sugar paste. I chose to blend different colours to create a desired hue. Depending on how vigorously and long the dye is rolled into the paste a lovely marble effect can appear. Paper instructions were handed out to refer to once home and to also take notes on during the session.

To create the blue rose pictured roll a grape sized ball out of the dyed sugar paste, turn this into a cone tipped oval by stretching and pinching one end. With the point facing skyward place the ball onto a cocktail stick covered in edible glue. Use this same glue to attach the petals. Roll the remaining icing flat and thin with a rolling pin take the smallest petal cutter to trim out 3 petals, a medium cutter to trace out 4 petals and a larger cutter to cut out 7 petals. Starting with the smallest wrap the petals in layers around the oval bud. Rolling each petal edge around a cocktail stick diagonally pointing inwards will achieve a curled effect.





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