Sunday Sivananda

Wholeheartedly you get what you pay for at Red Hot Yoga. Charging £18 per drop in session, classes here cost over double than what I have spent elsewhere in the past but are definitely worth the investment.  Location wise and with respect to reliable tutoring. A hive of activity its success suggests justification for such expense.

Situated in a row house in a side alley just off Guildford’s main North Street, central and easy to access. A covert destination which offers a sense of refuge from autumns chill and the grey city stir, calm amidst congestion. An escapism into a utopia before further retreating into ones self during session.

Lanterns, string lights and lemon grass scent set the studio scene, warm and bright. The carpet (yes); is a firm woven wire – but soft and ever so springy – almost resembling a plastic shower pouf. Decor is kept zen, nothing but neutral, maintaining a minimalistic vibe paramount for practice. There is provision of matts, bean bag eye patches, fluffy rainbow blankets and pillows embroidered with oriental patterns in metallic thread. It’s these small stitch details which create the bigger picture and that capture my custom.

Peace out in the vibrant modern studios. Picture Source:

Necessary? Ignorance is bliss. But once you’ve been here there may be reluctance to return to a cold, echoey village hall or harshly lit gym studio with glass walls exposing you to an anaerobic audience. Especially and expertly cultivated purely for yoga is what makes this place so reputable.

With over 80 classes a week and 20 different disciplines I recently chose to attend ‘Sivananda’ and ‘True Rest Meditation’,which run consecutively every Sunday evening. The latter ultimately involves a collective transference of sleepy brain waves, this class aims for restoration. Sivananda I can testify, is effective due to its gently flowing repetitiveness,  techniques and benefits are as follows:

“The 12 basic postures practiced in a Sivananda class are much more than just stretching. They open the energy channels, chakras and psychic centres of the body while increasing flexibility of the spine, strengthening the bones and stimulating the circulatory and immune systems.” –

Consistent and grounded, the teachers tone is mellow and harmonises the group, reassuring to entrusting souls. Her coaching approach is motivational and kept me in the zone, reinforcing  that each person must only exercise what their body will allow. An atmosphere which dispels comparison and competitiveness, it’s easy to remain focussed and balanced. On the flip side lacking is student-specific observation and tailored advice given to individuals about posture which I have previously  found encouraging and helpful.The teacher is considerate and checks comfort preferences regarding temperature and lights are dimmed to a low glow.

For sale in reception are health snacks and drinks, favourites of mine are the large cartons of cleansing coconut water (‘Vita’ brand). Yoga clothes though pricey, are displayed for purchase. Facilities such as towels (£2) and a changing room are on site.

Holistic healing treatments are available. For example ‘Neuro Structural Integration Technique’ is an advanced Bowen therapy.  Designed for pain relief stress conditions also respond well to this. It helps with energy stimulation and emotional upsurge, releasing tension headaches which accompany angst and the blues. Reiki and Chakra sessions are available to help with aura work and spiritual healing.

Membership fees vary, choose from block class cards, monthly or annual contracts (weekend and weekly). Extortion depends on the promise to commit to year long attendance. An incentive – true – a hobby can become a chore however. Red Hot Yoga offer a bargain intro fee of £49 for thirty days of unlimited yoga. There is also the £59 monthly weekend pass, just one class taken per week surpasses its financial worth.

Classes are open to beginners, the online timetable is informative as to which; labelling each yoga as ‘Open’ (suitable for all level and ability, but be prepared for challenges), ‘Open B’ (suitable for beginners) or ‘Level 2’ (not suitable for beginners).  It is advisable to make a reservation prior to sessions as they are usually booked up. This can easily be done online to ensure you secure a space. Tempted? Register for an account.

Affordable luxury to integrate into weekly routine. Yoga synchronises breath and body, helping you to unwind, increasing overall health and well being.


















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