How Cosy


Entrance and rooftop terrace garden

Rooftop terrace garden

© Rosie Purrier

True to its name, tucked away discretely in a charitable corner of a characteristic terrace is The Cosy Cafe. An unexpected gem in the heart of town adjacent to the railway tracks on Woking High Street, open from 10am to 2pm Monday to Friday.

The only evidence of its existence a decorative chalkboard outside the train station advertising its direction. Follow and be led to a fire-escape staircase, climb a flight to the first floor to find a rustic rooftop terrace garden.

A pleasant spot to read between the lines of regenerated buildings. With lovely views of surrounding chimney tops and a birds eye perspective of urban landscape maze throughout which the curious mind may wonder. Hustle bustle of business and life play out beneath one for a short take-a-break moment.

Inside is quite the contrast, a stylish, tranquil sanctuary with bare brick walls, wooden surfaces and floorboards. Shelves are stacked with quaint crockery for service. The space is filled with vintage furniture, unique chic art, fairy lights and flowers. Friendly faces welcome one through the door to an enchanting experience which appeases appetites for all things artisan.

The Cosy

The Cosy has free WIFI © Rosie Purrier

The Cosy (1)

Jazzy piano music is on play © Rosie Purrier

Select a warm drink or soft cooler to sip on come showers or shine. Most iconic to this venue is the hug-in-a-mug (or jam jar) coffee which is served nestled within a knitted cosy.

Organic, roasted and blended flavoursome beans are sourced from a local Surrey supplier to be used in an array of beverages such as a classic creamy cappuccino, latte and mocha. A variety of whole leaf tea is available in all its delicacy complete with tea pot and strainer, flavours include hibiscus, rooibos and a spearmint-green tea infusion.

The lunch menu is delightfully cheesy, and simply so; wholesome toasties and wraps! Choices of combo fillings are brie and cranberry, mozzarella and pesto, cheddar and chutney, cheese and ham, soup is also on offer.

Make sure to taste the scrumptious sweet treats such as the freshly baked chocolate brownie. It’s highly recommended due to its’ gorgeously gooey texture; melt in your mouth centre combined with a crusty topping.

Food and Drink

Chocolate brownie and elder-flower cooler © Rosie Purrier

Food and Drink (1)

A cosy coffee and cheddar-chutney toastie © Rosie Purrier

All funds from cafe purchases sustain work of The Lighthouse, a charity that acts as a beacon of hope to the surrounding community. Founded in 2011 by Woking Vineyard Church  (now Emmaus Rd Church) upon acquiring lease to a derelict property; this encompasses the cafe and the rest of the rooms which occupy a diverse range of innovative projects.

Radiating an ethos of love, serving kindness and support to society are projects such as ‘Jigsaw’. Piecing together practical help during times of financial need; pre-owned toys, equipment and clothing for pre-school children.Jigsaw fits young families with these free offerings in exchange for a voucher, a system which refers clients from front line social service agencies.

Empowering and equipping, increasing confidence in women is ‘Esteem Ahead’, providing style advice, coaching and assistance with job searching to enable the unemployed into work. Communal sessions such as ‘Creative Collective’ and ‘Breadmaking’ invite all to practice and enjoy craft and culinary skills.

Many other projects add up to this positively inspiring grass roots development organisation. Operations such as these are staffed by dedicated volunteers, including the cafe; Wokings’ best kept secret which is awaiting worthwhile discovery. Pop in, relax in comforting charm and enjoy a leisurely lunch in knowledge of your caring contribution.

Visit The Lighthouse to learn more about events, projects, and how to donate and become involved.

The Cosy (2)

Treasure: The Lighthouse before and after it was renovated from a derelict property. © Rosie Purrier

The Cosy (4)


Quaint quirks, art created by volunteers at The Lighthouse for The Cosy Coffee House © Rosie Purrier

Quality coffee

The Cosy (3)

There is something magical about the building, large and spacious – it has beautiful depth, with a bright balcony attic. The Lighthouse welcomes venue hire.  © Rosie Purrier


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