Nature, Nurture and Necklaces


©Rosie Purrier

Spring has sprung into summer, flowers are flourishing and birds line the blossoming branches. Sweet tweets and aroma attribute to an ambiance of appreciation.

Rejuvenating Junes’ jewellery box are necklaces  which I purchased at an annual Christmas craft fair  hosted by The Lightbox  Art Gallery and Museum in Woking, at which Karen Thornton exhibited her unique collection.

Drawing inspiration from classic books, fairy-tales and poems,  Karen aims to evoke nostalgia. Incorporating vintage pieces such as accessories and packaging into her limited edition mixed medium work . Narrative lies within the objects, through reconstruction there is continuum of story as they acquire a new meaning and lease of life with each wearer.



Swallow by Karen Thornton © Rosie Purrier


Finch by Karen Thornton © Rosie Purrier


Blue Tit by Karen Thornton © Rosie Purrier

Taken from a series of old French cigarette card illustrations,  these cute images were printed onto thin wood, laser cut out and then sealed. Additionally attached to the birds in flight are nests made out of wire and second hand beads.

Their intricacy is concordant with the delicacy of pastel hue feathers. A fragile facade yet compactly entwined, representing strength and security of the carrying carer. Symbolic of nurture, the bespoke pendants qualify as perfect presents for loved ones.

Worn on a medium length chain, home  really does lie where the heart is. They also make perfect attire for Eco enthusiasts to express environmental sentiment – being whimsical in style, whilst promoting recycling.



©Rosie Purrier

View more of Karen’s items on Facebook.

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